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Private Desert Dinner Set up Abu Dhabi

Exclusive Private Desert Dinner in Abu Dhabi for Unforgettable Romantic Evenings and Tailored Events with Loved Ones

The private setup and desert dinner under the starry nights allow one to experience the epitome of Arabian adventure and hospitality. Grab this opportunity to indulge in the ultimate exclusivity and luxury with our personalized dining experience in the heart of the desert. Indeed, our private dune dinner in the Abu Dhabi desert is an evening reserved for those seeking a truly extraordinary experience in the serene beauty of the Arabian landscape. It features a magical sunset scene, mouthwatering Arabian cuisine, traditional entertainment, and thrilling adventures.

Tour Itinerary

  • Hassle-free pickup:

    Enjoy a convenient pickup from Abu Dhabi Airport or your hotel in the city. Our professional driver will take you through a scenic route in a private air-conditioned vehicle, making it a seamless transfer from the city to the desert region.

  • Camel farm visit and an iconic camel ride:

    Take a trip to the farm and learn about the majestic creatures of this land. You also get a chance to interact, feed, and even click pictures! Did you know? They are known as the "ships of the desert." Take this opportunity to ride a camel and discover the desert from a new height.

  • Unique photoshoot:

    Capture your romantic getaway in the true essence of Arabian culture. Our photoshoot allows you to step into the traditional attires of the Bedouin people and capture poses against the stunning background.

  • Dune bashing session:

    Conquer the towering sand dunes with an exhilarating dune bashing session. Our expert driver will navigate the endless sandy terrain with sharp turns and steep drops- leaving your heart pounding and adrenaline rush pumping through your veins.

  • Stunning sunset scenes:

    Witnessing the magical sunset enriches the entire Private Desert Dinner Abu Dhabi tour deal. Stand at the peak of a tall dune with your beloved and embrace the charming spill of colours in the sky as the sun dips down over the horizon. Indeed, this natural wonder will etch a permanent memory!. However, do not forget to capture the splendor with your lenses.

  • Delicious BBQ dinner:

    Perhaps the Abu Dhabi Desert Exclusive Dinner setup is an apt treat after a thrilling day in the desert. Savour the authentic flavours of the Arabian region with a wide spread of hot BBQ meats, salads, main courses and beverages.

  • Captivating desert experiences:

    Besides the adventures, partake in a captivating stargazing activity. Furthermore, you can also select activities such as sandboarding, intricate henna painting, and taking pictures with falcons.

  • Stress-free Drop-off:

    After an eventful eve in the desert, our driver will drop you off at your doorstep or any other preferred location in the city.


UAE Majlis Style Set up 2190AED
Romantic Setup 1690AED

Tour Description

Indeed, this romantic getaway is an ideal way to celebrate a special milestone with your beloved or add the right spark of romance to your hustling lifestyle. Your luxurious evening with our private Desert Dinner in Abu Dhabi begins with a convenient pickup from any location in the city.

Your safety and satisfaction is our top priority. Thus, we ensure a seamless transfer to the desert and a return. We offer top-notch services so you can have an unforgettable experience in the desert.

Our tour experts will greet you with welcome drinks upon reaching the desert. As you sip the beverage and soak in the enchanting beauty of the land, the tour guides will provide safety briefings and details of the day's program.

A vital point to remember is that the desert's dry and harsh weather during the day can increase health risks, such as dehydration and heat strokes. Therefore, it is crucial to stay hydrated throughout the journey. Hence, our tour package also includes access to unlimited water and other energy drinks.

The adventure begins with a visit to the iconic camel farm. Here, you get to interact with the glorious animals of the desert region and learn about their significance in Arabian culture.

Following it, ride on a camelback and explore the hidden treasures of the desert. After a rhythmic ride, get ready for a unique photoshoot session. Is there any better way to capture your memories in the Arabian land than stepping into their traditions and cultures?

Up next is the time to conquer these tall dunes. Strap yourself tight to the seat as our professional driver takes you on a rollercoaster ride through the vast expanse. Perhaps this activity is not for faint hearts. The vehicle will come to a halt at the top of a tall dune. Following the thrilling adventure, brace yourself for a magical evening.

Witness the fiery sun's descent over the horizon, spilling hues of red across the endless sky, and the golden shimmering sand below fading off to twilight. Trulr, glimpsing the magical sunset with your beloved adds an extra element of romance in the air. As you stand there in awe, don't forget to click stunning pictures.

The charming evening scene undoubtedly marks a permanent moment in your lifetime memory. Following it is the highlight of our tour- the luxury of experiencing fine dining in the middle of the open wilderness. Indeed, there is something special about sharing an exclusive meal with your significant other in a secluded romantic setting. The soft candle radiance, the tranquil ambience, the humming twilight breeze, and the twinkling beauties above create an unparalleled dining experience. Sit on the long stretch of carpet and pillows, feeling the true essence of Emarati, and unwind by the bonfire as our chef demonstrates a live BBQ cuisine.

Indulge in the rich flavours of Arabian cuisines, a wide spread of smoky meats, delectable condiments, salads, traditional beverages, and much more! As your taste buds entice the aromatic spices and savour the delicious meal, be entertained by the live shows that enhance your intimate dinner.

Our private Desert Dinner deal is more than just food. Guest can also partake in other desert activities to create unforgettable memories with their loved ones. For instance, if you wish to pump your adrenaline rush, challenge your sporty spirit and select the sandboarding activity. Venture the soft dunes and experience the thrill as you glide down from the top crashing through the breeze. Furthermore, you can also stain your love by choosing a tailored henna painting on the hands or the feet.

Undoubtedly, the desert has something for everyone, leaving an individual with an abundance of lasting experiences.

Lastly, spend some quality time with your partner as you stroll through the desert trail illuminated by the shining stars. In addition, partake in an intimate stargazing activity and hear the whispers of the heavenly tales. Your romantic getaway ends with a dropoff at your doorstep in the city.

Escape the ordinary style of celebration and choose a private dinner set up in the middle of the desert to celebrate and glorify your partner's companionship. Indeed, our private desert dinner in Abu Dhabi is a complete package, offering thrill and magical moments to create lasting memories.

What's included

  • Doorstep pick-and-drop services in a private 4X4 vehicle to ensure a smooth travel experience.
  • Professional and qualified team of experts. For example, experienced drivers, expert tour guides, active assisting support team, etc.
  • Access to unlimited water and other soft drinks to beat the heat.
  • Savour the taste of Arabian hospitality with aromatic coffee, traditional tea, and fresh juicy dates.
  • Indulge in the epitome of a lavish dining experience with Desert Dinner Abu Dhabi in style, with a live BBQ meal.
  • Bonfire, tables, fire torches, rugs and pillows- create an excellent royal majlis seating set up to experience a fine dining experience in the vast openness.
  • Thrilling desert adventure awaits, such as dune bashing, camel rides, camel farm visits, sandboarding, sunset views, and much more.
  • Our tour package also includes camping facilities and washroom amenities.

What's not included

  • Quad Bike (available for rent)
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • We do not bear any personal expenses, such as souvenir purchases, extra snacks, etc.
  • Tipping the staff is not included in the tour package. It is a personal choice at your own risk.
  • There will be an additional charge for any extra activities and experiences not included in the tour package.


  • During the winter season, pick-up for the activity is at 02:30 PM, and drop-off is scheduled for 08:30 PM.

Pickup Locations

Guests will be picked up from all Abu Dhabi city hotels, residences, malls, Airport Premier inn hotel lobby, Abu Dhabi Port exit gate, and other landmarks in Abu Dhabi.

  • Abu Dhabi Port – Ships Arrivals : Our Safari Marshal will be waiting at the guest’s entrance of the terminal, holding a name board of yours
  • Abu Dhabi international Airport : Guests are requested to come to Airport Premier inn hotel lobby which is 10 minutes walk away
  • Any City Hotels in Abu Dhabi : Our Safari Marshal will pick you up from any city hotel’s lobby
  • Any Malls : Our Safari Marshal will pick you up from any main mall’s main entrance

Frequently Asked Questions

You can book this tour through our website or by calling us directly on the contact number provided.
Yes. You can tailor the tour package according to your preferences, from activities to dinner meals. Contact our assisting team, and they will guide you further.
Absolutely possible. However, you will have to give the exact requirements and details upon booking your tour package. From flowers and decor to other arrangements- we help to add the right touch of customization to make it a special occasion!
Vegetarians are instructed to inform upon booking to make necessary arrangements.

The tour will be rescheduled or cancelled if the weather is not favourable.

Additional Information

  • For pick-up, guests are asked to remain in the hotel lobby or near the mall's main entrance.
  • Times duration or start/stop times may change due to weather conditions.
  • Please strictly adhere to all guidelines provided by the Safari Marshal
  • Take care of your belongings.
  • Recommended attire:- Loose, comfortable clothing with a sweater to keep you warm after dark in the summer. Flip flops are preferred more than shoes for comfort (if you intend sports shoes). Bring sunglasses, a sun hat and sunscreen. In the winter long clothes with jackets are recommended.
  • Have a light meal before the trip to help avoid nausea. It’s best to avoid food 2-3 hours before the journey begins.

This tour is not recommended for

  • Pregnant individuals
  • Individuals who get nauseated often
  • Individuals with severe medical conditions
  • Individuals with back pain

Terms and Conditions

  • Advanced booking is required as bookings are subject to availability.
  • If the tour is cancelled due to an unavoidable circumstance like the weather, either a full refund or an alternative booking date.

Cancellation Policy

  • Last minute Changes or cancellations are not permitted.
  • To receive a full refund, please notify us of your tour cancellation at least 24 hours in advance of the ride's start date; otherwise, charges will apply.